Thursday, 6 May 2010

The election.

It's even nice to see people so engaged this time round after the malaise of the last two elections. Even a keen political commentator like myself, who votes in European and Local Elections, failed to show at the polling station for the last general election.

For a while Politics felt as competitive as premier league in the 90s the team in red always going on to lift the trophy, but now politics is in the air, and more importantly on the web too (see this excellent article on myshittytwenties) and facebook coming close to resembling a Roman Forum (incidentally I wrote a piece on this for my Uni paper but, like everything else I've submitted it has vanished without any kind of acknowledgement - might post it on here in the next few days).

Governments always tend to look tired after a decade or so in power and after a change of face failing to induce a Dr Who like freshness there is an inevitability that they will lose power. There is however, much uncertainty over who will gain power, will it be the Lib Dems in a coalition government or will the Conservatives manage to sneak a majority?

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a hung parliament and the promise of electoral reform. Hung parliaments are rarer than unicorns in the first-past-the-post system but society now needs policy making to take place in an environment of negotiation where minority views from the likes of the Greens are heard as well as those of just the median voter; Worcester Woman, Motorway Man or whatever incarnation they choose to appear in. This is my hope for change.

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