Saturday, 5 May 2012

Thank you and goodbye

'If you've said all you've to say..'

After some consideration I've decided to bring this blog to an end. It's been around three years since I left my job in social care to embark on my masters in social policy and research.  I have now completed my masters and am currently job hunting. Initially my interest, what in fact led me to the course, was in social policy, but during the course I developed a much greater interest (and got better marks) in social research. This backs up my theory that you simply just can't plan life!

I still have a passionate interest in social care and social policy, but as Cast put it I feel that over the course of this blog I have said all I've got to say. I've set out my position on Individual budgets (cautiously pro), on carers pay (far too low and as a consequence detrimental to quality) and on the state of local government  (that unbeknownst to most of us it's disappeared in a tangled web of outsourcing and is a fundamentally different beast.)

It is one of the frustrations of social care that the same issues seem to be going round with no resolution. Three years ago it seemed to me that the system was not fit for purpose and the funding arrangements unsustainable yet despite much talk change doesn't seem to be arriving anytime soon - in fact after some interest around the last election it's slipped back down the agenda.

If I could change one thing it is this; I believed that all people working in social care need to look at the whole system and take a stand. I saw many colleagues apathetically shrug their shoulders when it came to things like carers pay and status, or residential care funding arrangements, yet they would bemoan the slipping in standards of care. We should not be afraid to debate these things in the open.

I have contributed my opinions, formed from my five years on the frontline, from being a 'receptionist' answering the phone to a care manager drawing up care plans, but now I am out of touch and feel I can no longer effectively contribute.

I urge you all to now make yourselves heard and leave it to Cast to play me out.



It feels wrong to go without thanks to all who have read, contributed, and subscribed to this blog.In particular CB of Fighting Monsters, one of the best Social Work blogs out there. CB was for me the model of a thoughtful, reflective professional and the end of Fighting Monsters
was a sad moment indeed. CB also encouraged me to stay on my masters at a time when I had doubts and I am so thankful for this and the support they gave my blog through links and tweets.

a particular mention to Rentergirl too. An excellent an essential blog. Like social care housing policy has been marked by decades of inaction and mounting crisis Rentergirl is therefore a much needed voice and has also been a great friend of this blog.

I wish you all the very best.